Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arise, blog!

I've struggled mightily with real world issues, so the blog suffered. In the interim, Games Workshop has done it's best to price me out of the hobby. I have been able to complete most of the 1st Company, needing only a command squad and transports. My quest to build an entire chapter will end there.

I've become disillusioned with a company that increasingly seems to only care about higher quarterly returns. I just can't see paying $75 for a toy tank when money becomes harder and harder to come by. The blog will continue and I will post up pics of some of my better painted models(Trust me, most of 'em are horrid!) and then I'll be moving the blog in a different direction. Less hobby and more sports.

Here are a few pics: Just wish time and money would have been available to complete the project.

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  1. Hey - didn't even know you had a blog mate. Though, you mentions horrid mini, I know for sure your painting has come a long way. Basing has improved as well I see - good on you. Give the missus my best - she does look rather nice ;)